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Days Of Future Past

Ryan my friend I agree with you. You can not capture what was. That is nothing will ever get you to where you were at the first time you did something. That is the reasons people go to such extremes wth the things. To recapture the begining. Examples:(2)

* Anytime of narcotic. Once your body builds up a tolerance , a person usually starts doing more and more in order to recapture the begining.

*Love. Once you have your heartbroken it is heart to love completely and without fear.(stems from Jusin's comment)

Although I do a relationship can be better the second time around than the first. In relationsips you can overcome that first meeting and go beyond that firt expirence. I believe than many people just get to caught up on the problems in thir lives thugh so they don't accomplish this. It is sort of like a case of not seeing the forest for the trees, or over thinking something. While those problems will be there, a couple can overcome them. I think many people allow the problems in their relationship overcome them, rather than them overcomeing theor problems.

Alright, off that tangent.

Question is if you could change the past, would you? Would change the world and affect those around you? I think many people want to change the past because they don't like who they are. (This does not mean you necessarily.It is simply easier to use "you".) But you don't have to change the past to do this. Rather you simply do something that all people have within their power to do. Change the present. Change what you do like about yourself. As for past situations....All you can simply do is not screw up the same way a second time.

I think ultimately trying to change the past and relive it is pointless and will drive a Man/Woman mad. Think not of the past. Don't live for it. Rather I believe you should live for today and tomorrow and what comes after that. If you are constantly looking behind you, how can see in front of you? And if you are not looking in front of you, you can, and will, make the same mistake twice and three and four times over again.

Let the past lie in its cold chamber. Don't let it haunt you.

Hier Stehe Ich
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