Godlike Robert Boanerges (piers_styx) wrote in the_hurrikane,
Godlike Robert Boanerges


Ryan. I know you believe that I would drop Emily for Emilee in a nanosecond. That is your right. I believe that I would not. And you should know one thing when it comes to me and drinking Ryan. I have said there was such things as a "good" drinker. After my expirence with it, I believe that it does nothing but help destroy a person in a mental sense. There are levels of worry with me and drinking though. For instance I worried more about you drinking than I did, or do now worry, about Emilee drinking. What I did say, and Jason was there if I recall, is that I said I was falling for Emily. Falling hard. Jason said I would end up loving her and I was like whatever. That I believe is the time you are remembering. You are right about Marissa and Sean. There is more to them than meets the eye. Everyone is that way. But when it is talking about Marissa I am not talking about the type of person she is for she is a nice person. I am talking about a develpoing problem she has. I myself sometimes wonder about why I ranting in the ways I do, if it stems from some self-righteous part of me or what. I do thank you fro the views. And as for Scotty, he has always asked me to be completely open and frank with him. And that is what I was doing. I agree he is a damn good person. And that is why I have done as he has asked of me. Been completely honest with him. As he has asked of me. What I said about your mother was way over the line. I dishonor myself with such comments. I am sorry. That is all I can say. For that is all I can think of. But if there is something I could do, I will do it. No matter what it may be. I don't think myself morally superior to you Ryan. My worries for you are of how you are doing and how you will be doing. I look into the future and only the worst case scenerio. May be I am just pessimistic about the future. I don't know. But if I chose my friends on how they could make me feel better about myself, then why am I friends with some of the people I am friends with?
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