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To My Closest Friends....

I am so thankful for all of y'all.

Scotty: Thanks for being there man. You and your sense of humor can make me feel good when I am so depressed. Thank you for listen to my whineing and problems man. Its good to know someone cares. Youa nd I can act like idiots together,yet me completely serious the next minute.

Ryan: You are a great person dude. Thanks for being there to help man. And for buying me food all the darn time. You are such a good person. Thanks for listening to my problems and caring. its always fun hanging with ya.

Emilee: Thanks for your smile. And your laugh. And for having a caring ear that I can talk to when no one else will listen.

I love all of you. You are my brothers and my sister. (which makes it weird with teh Ryan/Emilee relationship) I am so thankful for you guys and gal.

I miss not hanging with you guys as much as I used to. Take care of yourselves. I'll talk to you soon my friends, my family.

Ever Thankful
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