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A responce that I thought should be an entry also....

Ryan, you did make some really good points. But you must also remember that everyone eventually conforms in some way. Even you Ryan. Wiether they done a trenchcoat or sag their pants to their ankles. They can't help it. It is a part of human nature to want companionship. So they end up fitting in a little bit. Or they never change what they want, they simply get it and find that they resemble other people. For instance Ryan, consider me. For many years I wanted a trenchcoat. But icould never afford one because I am broke. No money whatsoever to spare on such things. Now I finally have one because I worked out a deal and got the money to buy one. Well lo and behold there are at least ten other people I know who wear trenchcoats. My question is so what? Does that really matter? I look like them. Again I ask so what? Indiviuality does not rely on what is on the outside. You see even if you make the effort to look or act different you fit into a cliq. Those who actively try to exspress their so called indivuality. The unconformists if you will. These people delude themselves with false notions of indviuality. They believe they indivuality can actually be exspressed on the outside. that is why you have ounks with yard long mohawks and chicks whose pants barely stay on them because they wear them around their buttcheeks. Indivuality is of the mind and soul. Some of the most hardcore rappers have more indivality in their pinkies then the most oddest person you past on the streets have in their entire bodies. So tryng to even establish this sort of thing is pointless.

And you know what, that whole thing that I just wrote, what you entry is about, it all a load of CRAP. The fog on peoples minds....That is a pathetic attempt tp say I am an indiviual because I see more than the big picture than those around me, I know more. Conformity is a load of crap. Or maybe it is everything. Everyone fits into a group Ryan. It isn not that hard to do to but someone in a goup and label them something. You see Ryan, everyone is ultimately shallow in sone part of the pool that is their minds. And if you refuse to associate and be friends with them, well you have just put yourself in the ultimate group of comformists. Those who think they are to damn good for everyone else. And believe me Ryan, they are the ultimate groups pof so-called sellouts that have ever lived. Because they blind themsleves to who and what they are. All people are falliable Ryan, and all want to feel like they are loved, or at least liked. Funny thing is, is that all fall into this group in some way. Even the rebels against society is a follower of this group.

Ultimately it all comes down to this. WE ALL FIT INTO A GROUP. No matter how much it may piss you off to hear it, it is none the less true. You must really hate yourself Ryan, for even you fit into a group. Selling out is a load of crap that someone invented to make themselves feel good about themselves. Trying to be an indiviual, trying to philosophize on how cliqish those who say they are indivuals, puts you into a group. To say otherwise makes you the ultimate hypocrite. The one who denys what he is, while condemning everyone else for doing the same thing he does. So really if you want to be diapponted at someone, be diappointed at yourself for not seeing human nature and condmening yourself. And remember, even Pilate stood condemned in the end, he just escpae what society thought.

Trying to be an indivual makes you the same as millions of other people. Condemning those who fall into that snare fits you into a cliq of millions of people. Just look you know all of them already. You, I, Doug, Casey, Jason, Justin, etc.etc. You fit into that cliq of those who condemn those who end up fitting in weither they know it or not. You cvan not try to be an indiviual. You must simply be who you are, with no concious thought to trying to be.

To be an indiviual, you must simply be.

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